Accept payments online

Easy and simple payments to maximize your business’ opportunities and revenue growth

High quality plugins for 20+ popular platforms

Powerful Features


Integrate without writing a single line of code. Explore our plugins, set them up, and get your business off the ground.​

3-D Secure​

We offer 3-D Secure out of the box with our Redirect and Simple checkout solutions to further secure card transactions.

Powerful reporting​

Powerful reporting dashboards that showcase your company's data and help you make better decisions.

Recurring / Subscriptions​

You can easily do recurring transactions through our API or by using one of our plugins. Safely save cards for later use using card tokenisation.​

Payment notifications​

Create a Payment Notification with the amount, the recipient’s email and a description to request a payment.

Virtual Terminal​

It’s as easy as you expect—enter your customer’s credit or debit card information, click Charge and that’s it.​

Daily payouts​

Money from your online sales is cleared daily to your Business Account so you can make payments or transfers to any bank account you wish.​


Using our integrations increases security and limits your PCI scope, leaving you to focus on your business, not regulations.

Go beyond Plugins

Start developing with Viva Payments. Check out our detailed documentation on GitHub and browse through our code samples for integrating with our API.

Simple Checkout

A simple, cross-device payment form, in a user-friendly interface working within your website. Our easiest solution to implement.


We provide a simple and easy-to-use RESTful API for integrating with websites and apps. Minimum development is required and supports all payment methods


Create a seamless checkout experience where the customer never leaves your site or your brand