Viva Business Account

Run your company’s finances efficiently.
Simple, convenient, secure and with an Open API.

Get Started

Sign up online in minutes

Create your IBAN account easily with no waiting time or delays.

Get business Debit Cards

Set up a Company Debit Card for your Account or multiple Employee Debit Cards for your team so you can track your whole team’s corporate expenses instantly.

Accept Payments

Easy to use checkout pages, Card Terminals, request money feature and a Virtual Terminal will get you selling in no time.


Grows as you grow

We got you covered with multiple users and different access and roles. You’re always in control while keeping your team independent.

Real-time reporting

Your team expenses are centralized and can be monitored in real-time. Just like your sales transactions generated by your Viva Wallet Card Terminals or eCommerce Checkout forms.

Fast account opening

Open an account 100% online in just 5 minutes

IBAN Accounts

Every Viva Wallet Business Account has the ability to accept and transfer payments for corporate needs.

Track your balance over time

Track your account's balance in real-time, and see how it evolves.

3D Secure

Maximum security of your online transactions with 3D Secure

Payment notifications

Create a Payment Notification with the amount, the recipient’s email and a description, to request a payment.

Virtual Terminal

It’s as easy as you expect—enter your customer’s credit or debit card information, click Charge, and that’s it.

Export your transactions

Download all of your transactions as a CSV file.

Cross platform

Whether you are on the road or at your office we got you covered with our native iOS, Android or Desktop and Responsive Web applications.

Unlimited history

You can access all your transactions without limits.

Maximum account security


3-D Secure