Viva Company Debit®

Essential for the daily transactions
of your business!

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Your company requires daily flexibility, speed and above all safety.
Viva Company Debit®, is a powerful tool that makes your day-to-day transactions easy and fast, by always maintaining full control and the serenity you need to deal only with issues that matter!


Main Features

Instant control of your transactions

Ability to check your transactions
in real time via your Viva account

Payments Flexibility

Easy process of your daily payments worldwide,
with no additional charges

Instant liquidity

All your cash collections from your physical store
or eshop, immediately available on your card

3D Secure

Maximum security of your online
transactions with 3D Secure

Worldwide withdrawals

Cash withdrawals from any
ΑΤΜ worldwide

Card Lock

Ability to lock your card
through your Viva account

How can I get, activate and view the transactions and balance of the Viva Company Debit?
You can get, activate and view the transactions and balance of your card through your Viva account.
Can I have more than one Viva Company Debit Cards?
No. Each Viva Company Debit can be linked to only one Viva business account. However, you can get multiple Viva Employee Debit cards for your employees.
How can I transfer money to the Viva Company Debit?
Viva Company Debit uses the available balance of your primary Viva account. On this account you can find your available funds or you can use the available charging methods

For more information: 13855 (local rate)