Your corporate expenses in your control!

Open now a Viva business account, get multiple Viva Employee Debit cards and give your company a complete solution for managing corporate expenses. Sign up or sign in to order

Go cash free

Transfer money instantly in your employees’ cards and set specific limits to each user.

Organize your employees, departments, needs

Create personalized cards for as many employees as you wish. You may issue cards even for specific departments or categories of expenses.

Automate the monitoring of your corporate expenses

Easily search for the corporate expenses per employee, department of the company or category of expenses and receive analytical reporting in real time.

Unique Features

Save time and costs for your company

Put an end in cash and deposits
Automation in monitoring of corporate expenses and reporting in real time
24/7 access to the balance and history of transactions

Full control, flexibility and security

Online issuing of multiple cards for your employees
Set a specific cash limit per card and inspect transactions in real time
Instant card lock for maximum security

A personalized Viva Employee Debit card for each employee

Get personalized cards for your employees and the departments of your company and transfer money instantly any time even during the weekend or public holiday.

Complete control of your expenses

Manage your company’s budget and set specific usage limits for each employee, department or need.

Analytical reporting in real time

Through your Viva account, you may check in real time where and by which employee are the money of your company spent and get analytical reporting wherever you are.

The best solution for your accounting department

Your accountants will appreciate the reports and will be able to adjust them easily in their systems.

How to start

Create your Viva business account

Order personalized Viva Employee Debit cards for your employees

Set the limits, transfer money in the cards and begin!

Can I have more than one Viva Employee Debits?
You can order / activate as many cards as you wish.
Where can I get the Viva Employee Debit?
You can order it through your Viva business account.
What are the Employee Debits?
Employee Debits are cards that can be used by the employees of your company for better control and management of your corporate expenses. You can always set a limit for each card and view their transactions in real time.
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