Payment solutions for e-shops & mobile apps

We offer the most competitive set of features than any other payment solution available.

Payment methods you could ever imagine

Accept multiple payment methods such as card, cash and payments via e-banking. Take your business to the next level by giving your customers the option to pay with cash even for their home with Pay@Home service.

Solutions designed for your business needs

Simple, Redirect or Native checkout? All solutions come together with a beautiful and super simple interface, packed with tools for easy and quick integration.

Receive money anytime

Money from your sales are cleared on a daily basis to your Viva account so you can make transfers to any bank account you wish.

Payment notifications

Create easily payment notifications for your customers every time you want to get paid. The service sends automatically an e-mail notification with a unique code and the available payment methods.

Monthly installments

No matter what your professional activity is, you can now offer the benefit of interest free monthly installments to your customers at no extra charge.

Recurring payments

Implementing recurring payments for billing and subscription services is super easy and totally secure.

One single account for online & physical stores

Under your Viva Account, you can integrate solutions to multiple online & physical stores, for easily managing everything from one place. 

High availability and continuous support

Our support team is always happy to help out. Our advanced infrastructure services built to deliver top speeds and 24x7 availability.

State of the art security

Viva Payments adheres to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and implements the prerequisite security policies, in order to accept securely online payments.
Even more features...
User friendly interface, real time data and reporting, multiple users, roles and permissions, amount pre-authorizations, accept payments from around the world, back-office integrations and much more…

Simple Checkout

A simple cross-device payment form, in a user-friendly interface working within your site.
  • Optimized payment flow
  • Continuous improving
  • One-click buy for Viva Wallet users

Redirect Checkout

We provide a simple and easy to use RESTful API, for integrating with websites and apps.
  • Minimum development required
  • Supports all payment methods
  • One-click buy for Viva Wallet users

Native Checkout

Create a seamless checkout experience where the customer never leaves your site.
  • PCI-DSS compliant without redirect
  • Maximizes conversion rates
  • Simple integration process
Check out our detailed documentation on GitHub and
browse through our code samples for integrating with the API
Payment buttons
No need to design your own checkout forms. You can embed Viva Wallet services to your website or blog, simply by configuring payment buttons. We will create a beautiful payment form that works great in all desktop and mobile platforms.

Low and transparent pricing

No surprises, no hidden fess.
You only get charged when you earn money.