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An embeddable cross-device payment form providing the best user experience

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╬čptimized payment flow

Simple checkout makes shopping online a great experience! Your customers can make payments easily and secure on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices without leaving your site.

One-click payments for Viva Wallet users

Customers with a Viva account can make payments simply by signing in and selecting to pay using their available balance or one of their linked cards! This is an extra convenient payment process that allows one-click payments and maximizes your conversion rates.

Super easy to implement

Integrate easily Simple Checkout in a single line of client-side code! As new features are released, we’ll automatically roll them out to your integration, so that you’ll always provide your customers with the best experience without changing anything.
<script src=""> </script>
<form action=/charge" method="POST">
    data-vp-description="Friendly description for you customer"
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