Now you can charge card without using a POS. Service available 24/7,
without subscription.

Over the phone – 14515*

Call us anytime 24/7 to charge cards and generate Viva e-money codes securely over the phone, the easiest way.

*Call charge - 14515: Local charge/minute (Landline), 0.25 €/ minute (Mobile)

Online -

Go online and charge cards to generate Viva e-money codes easily and secure on desktop, tablet and mobile devices any time.

FREE POS mobile App

Download now FREE POS mobile app for iOS & Android and explore the service in the palm of your hand. 

With FREE POS service you can now charge cards and generate Viva e-money codes to top up your Viva Wallet.
FREE POS is a service issuing e-money provided by Viva Online Services SA as representative of the Viva Payment Services SA e-money institution. More info at 13855 - local charge

Charge cards without using a POS

Explore the most convenient and reliable payment solution. FREE POS service is available 24/7 online and over the phone. You're now ready to confidently charge cards no matter where you are POS free!



step 1

You can charge your card over the phone at 14515*, on or through FREE POS app (available for iOS & Android)

step 2

Right after the charge you will receive an equal to the charge amount Viva e-money code by SMS

step 3

Use this code to add fund to your Viva Wallet (business or personal)

*Call charge - 14515: Local charge/minute (Landline), 0.25 € (Mobile)

What is Viva e money code?
A prepaid code you can use to add money to your Viva Wallet and make online payments. Sign in to your account, choose to add funds with Viva e-money and The funds will be instantly credited to your Viva Wallet!

Low and transparent pricing

You only get charged on code redemption.
Your Questions
How much it costs?
2,4% + 0,24 € charge per transaction applies on viva e-money code redemption for the codes generated using FREE POS service. Additional charges do not apply on the actual card charge. The amount you enter to the service is what will be charged to the card.
Does FREE POS service support all card types?
Using FREE POS service, you can charge all types of Greek Visa, MasterCard ™, American Express®, Diners, Discover cards (credit / debit / prepaid).
I need to have a Viva Wallet account?
Although it is not a prerequisite to have Viva Wallet account to a charge card, you need a verified Viva Wallet account to be able to redeem the Viva e-money code generated from the FREE POS service. Sign up

For personal use

FREE POS service gives you the option to charge cards event if you do not run a business!