Looking for a Card Terminal?
Viva Card Terminal is the answer!

Change your Card Terminal free of charge and get 20% lower commissions



Need a Card Terminal?

For retail stores & offices...
S800 Ethernet
S800 Ethernet
S800 Ethernet S800 Ethernet
  • Fast and reliable transactions through Internet
  • Thermal printer for paper receipts
  • Optional SMS receipt
  • Contactless transactions
  • Operation through Ethernet Connection
    (Stable Internet connection is required)
  • 2 years limited guarantee
For hotels, restaurants, cafeterias...
S900 GPRS/WiFi
S900 GPRS/WiFi
S900 GPRS/WiFi S900 GPRS/WiFi
  • Fast and reliable transactions through Internet
  • Thermal printer for paper receipts
  • Optional SMS receipts
  • Contactless transactions
  • Operation through a WiFi or a cellular GPRS connection (Operation through GPRS connection requires a SIM card with approx. 100 MB/month)
  • 2 years limited guarantee
For freelancers...
D200 WiFi
D200 WiFi
D200 WiFi D200 WiFi
  • Fast and reliable transactions through Internet
  • No smartphone or tablet required for operation
  • Contactless transactions
  • SMS receipts
  • WiFi operation
  • 2 years limited guarantee

Do you want to charge cards without a Card Terminal device, commitment or contract?

  1. Prices not including VAT
  2. Rental is offered on a 24month contract with a minimum duration of 18 months. Rentals fee is charged at the beginning of every 6month period
  3. Free of charge terminals with 20% lower commissions offer is valid for limited number of items. Click here for terms and conditions.


All cards accepted

Increase sales volume by accepting payments securely and easily from all credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Monthly installments

Offer greater flexibility to your customers by giving them the option to pay via installment payments.

Receive money anytime

Money from your sales is cleared on a daily basis to your Viva account so you can make transfers to any bank account you wish.

Get it now! Ιt is a ready-to-use solution

There is no minimum turnover limit or any confusing procedures. Get your Viva Card Terminal, set up your account, and start accepting cards in less than 10 minutes.

Device Replacement

Immediate dispatch of replacement device in case of malfunction so you won't miss a single customer or transaction

Mobile Payments

Accept QR code payments from mobile users of the most popular apps in Greece and abroad. 

Always there for you, offering the most competitive set of features

Call center support, one single account for online & physical stores, back-office integration, user friendly interface & detailed reporting, 100% paperless operations and a lot more!
Your Questions
How do I order the Viva Wallet POS;
You can buy your Viva Wallet POS online - BUY or RENT or over-the-phone at 13855. Available payment methods: Cash, Card, Cash on delivery.
Is it secure to use Viva Wallet POS?
Absolutely! All card charges are processed securely from Viva Payments, an e- Money Institution licensed by the Bank of Greece.
How quickly can I start accepting payments?
You’ll simply need to create a business Viva Wallet account SIGN UP and Viva Wallet POS - BUY or RENT. You can start accepting payments in a few minutes after receiving your Viva Wallet POS.
What types of cards can I accept?
Viva Wallet POS terminals support all types of Visa, Electron Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards. You can charge American Express & Diners via the Web POS application directly from your account interface.
Where does the money from the card charges go?
Money from card charges are cleared instantly to your Viva Wallet account. You can transfer them anytime to your bank account, your personal or other wallet, or use it for purchases.
What should I do after I receive it?
You just need to sign in to your Viva Wallet business account - SIGN IN and follow the activation instructions that come along with your Viva Wallet POS.
Download the signage to show you accept card payments here
For more information & over-the-phone orders: 13855 (local rate)