Your Viva Wallet goes plastic

Your Viva Wallet Card is automatically connected with your Viva Wallet balance, therefore you can deposit money to your card anytime with the same convenient methods you deposit money to your Viva Wallet!

*The product is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers. Based on the current act of the legislative, cash withdrawals from prepaid cards are not permitted.


Build your Tax-free
with Viva Wallet Card

Real time monitoring & control

Manage your Viva Wallet account online, check your balance, add funds, access to your card’s details and review your recent transactions in real time, 24/7, wherever you are!

Instant Issue No bank account needed

Order and activate now your Viva Wallet Card for immediate use. Get instant approval with no credit check, easily and secure.


Ideal for:
In-store & online payments

Viva Wallet MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid, Chip & PIN and contactless transaction plastic card. You can use it to shop cash-free in-store or online in Greece and abroad.

Buy your own today! Once you get your card please follow the instructions in your account in order to activate it.


The most competitive and surprise-free pricing.

Viva Wallet Card
Viva Wallet Card
New card issuing
Lost, stolen or expired
€ 5.00 € 4.99
Transactions in-store (POS)
Internet transactions
Online web account access FREE FREE
ATM withdrawals Domestic
Greece or Cyprus / Bank charges may also apply
Temporary unavailable
ATM withdrawals International
Bank charges may also apply
Temporary unavailable
ATM balance inquire Temporary unavailable
Change PIN to ATM FREE
Card deactivation/ Account closure* FREE FREE

*If you don’t want your Viva Wallet Card you can at any time deactivate it with no cost

Your Questions
Where can I get a Viva Wallet Card?
You can order your card easily online - ORDER NOW or over-the-phone at 13855.
How long does it take to receive my Viva Wallet Card?
You will receive your Viva Wallet Card (plastic card) via courier within 2 weeks after the purchase.
How do I activate Viva Wallet Card?
Please sign in to your account - SIGN IN go to Viva Wallet Prepaid section and select “Activation”, then verify the requested details to complete the process instantly.
How do I fund the Viva Wallet Card?
Viva Wallet Card uses your Viva Wallet available balance. You can add funds to your Viva Wallet instantly with many convenient ways, including cash, cards and more!
Where can I use my Viva Wallet Card?
You can use your Viva Wallet Card wherever MasterCard is accepted at millions of places in Greece and abroad!
How can I track my Viva Wallet Card?
You can track your Viva Wallet Card online, by signing in to your account on Viva Wallet - SIGN IN.
For more information & over-the-phone orders: 13855